Bonner Speaks Out on Events in Washington, D.C.
HARRISBURG – Rep. Tim Bonner (R-Mercer/Buter) issued the following statement:

“The United States Congress met on Jan. 6 to certify the votes of the Electoral College for president and vice president in accord with the United States Constitution and to receive any objections from the members of Congress to the lawful right of any state delegation to cast such a vote. This process of objecting to the Electoral College delegates has been a long-established right under law and has been used on multiple occasions by legislators to challenge the right of Electoral College delegates to vote.

“Tragically, this lawful process of delegate certification was interrupted by a riotous mob intent on disrupting the rule of law as they committed numerous criminal acts as part of their unlawful and violent protest of the election process. In a nation whose foundation is built upon the rule of law, this action is unacceptable and cannot go unpunished.

“We have been through very troubling times this past year with a pandemic, riots in the streets and a heated and divisive presidential election affected by those crises. At this time, our laws have rejected the claims of President Trump and have affirmed the election of Joseph Biden as our next president. As a nation, we must acknowledge this decision reached in accord with law in order to move forward as a nation. Individuals will pass through our lives, but this nation must endure and the only way we will endure is to remain united in the principle that our ultimate loyalty, allegiance and support is to our rule of law and not to any one individual. Our country needs your support and your prayers that we will continue to be a nation of laws, a nation where no one is above the law, a nation that respects the law and a nation that remains a beacon of freedom to the world and to ourselves. May God Bless America.”

Representative Tim Bonner
8th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives